Homecoming 1959-'60 
My dad took these slides at the 1959-60 Homecoming Parade. For years I thought they had been lost,  but I came across them when going through the house after my Mom's death. As you look through these photos, see if you can recognize not only the parade participants, but the onlookers at the curb in front of Austin Hall.

-- Doug Polly
1959-'60 Homecoming Queen Judy Harris
Who's driving the Austin Healey?
(Onlookers: Mary Ann Scott .. Diana Badders .. Dixie Rutledge .. Jess Dominguez .. Ann Pohan .. Sarah Keeling
George Garcia .. Val McCallum .. Richard Fuller (Harral) .. Benny McCullar .. Lorene McKean)
1959-'60 Senior Princess Diane Orr
Duke DeRush behind the wheel of the A-H Sprite
1959-'60 Senior Princess Alice Mladenka
Herbie Little behind the wheel of the cool Vette'
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