Reunion 2005 Photos 
I lied !!!!!
Well, not exactly. This photo
of me and The Blondies was
e-mailed to me by
Mike Mills   (Class of 1970)
        Here it is folks .... zero, nada, zilch!!  I took NO photos 
 at the reunion. I just decided that I didn't want to have the 
 responsibility of making sure there were pictuess to show so 
 I'm depending on YOU to be the source for these photo 
        If you want to see the reunion ... if you want to share 
 the reunion with those who couldn't make it, then download/ 
 scan those photos you took and send them to me.  
        If you took print photos, send them to me so I can scan 
 them. I am reliable in regard to getting your pictures back 
 within 3-4 days. I've had no complaints so far!!  
        If you took digital pictures ... well, how hard can that 
 be to drop them into an e-mail and send them to me?!!!!!!! 

        Get those e-mails/snail mail going. The sooner I get 
 photos, the sooner this page will be up and running. Mike 
 Mills just sent me a CD of his pictures ... hint - hint! 



....2005 THS All-School Reunion....
October 21 - 22, 2005 
It was big .. it was fun .. it was the greatest!
    Hundreds of former Trona students made the pilgrimage to long-lost Searles 
  Valley for this year's reunion. Now an every 5 year event, this was the second 
  of these gatherings. And as the first was, this reunion was a major success. In 
  2000, we had about 1,200 participants. This year we had about 700. Although 
  it  was a smaller group, it certainly did not lack in fun. In fact, the smaller 
  amount of people made it a little easier to see old friends and classmates. 

    This year, instead of splitting class decades into smaller groups, a huge 
  circus-style tent was erected behind the Searles Valley VFW building and this 
  tent became "Reunion Central". Beginning Friday night, the tent was almost 
  continuously filled with former Trona students enjoying the company of 
  long-lost friends. 

    Saturday morning began with the traditional Lions' Club pancake breakfast 
  held at the Searles Valley Senior Citizen's Center. Next was the annual THS 
  Homecoming parade winding its way down Main and California Streets to Tele- 
  scope Ave. As always, the parade culminates at the THS football field. 

    As the parade was ending, Trona alumni began congregating in the quad area 
  of the high school. After an hour or so of socializing, lunch was served. And a 
  great lunch it was. The day was terrific as far as the weather went. Warm,
  with no wind or rain. In fact, the entire weekend was picture perfect. 

    Saturday evening it was back to the tent .. as well as the VFW and Elk's
  Lodge. A very satisfying hors d'oeuvre-style dinner was served in the tent and
  entertainment was provided in both the Elk's and VFW lodges. All in all, the
  entire weekend was a huge success. If you missed this one, plan on coming to
  Reunion 2010!!!

Ned Stovall
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